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Not Leaving UK: Bybit Responds to Rumors

Finance Magnates

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The cryptocurrency exchange, Bybit has quashed reports suggesting its intention to exit the United Kingdom ahead of the nation's new financial regulations set to take effect on October 8, 2023.

Earlier this week, various media outlets circulated claims that Bybit was considering withdrawing its services from the UK due to the perceived strictness of the new marketing rules for crypto firms. However, Bybit swiftly responded to these reports, asserting its commitment to the UK market and a willingness to work with regulators to find mutually agreeable solutions.

Bybit's Pledge for Long-Term Presence

Reports initially surfaced earlier this week, claiming that Bybit, an exchange based in Dubai, was planning to exit the UK market and potentially other jurisdictions with rigid crypto regulations. The reports cited concerns over the UK's new financial promotion rules, which are designed to enhance customer protection and understanding of crypto investments.

In response to the media reports, Bybit issued a statement on the social media platform X, strongly reaffirming its dedication to the UK market. The statement emphasized the UK's significance in advancing crypto and blockchain technology and Bybit's unwavering commitment to maintaining a presence in the country for the long term.

Additionally,Bybit expressed its intention to collaborate with UK regulators to ensure compliance with the new financial promotion rules.

Bybit's Co-Founder and CEO, Ben Zhou, commented on the situation, highlighting theexchange's priority of regulatory compliance. Zhou stated that discussions with UK regulators were ongoing to find the best possible solution that aligns with the interests of all parties involved.

He emphasized the exchange's commitment to keeping its community informed about developments.

Overview of the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

The move by Bybit comes in response to the regulatory changes introduced by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in June 2023. These changes aimed to enhance transparency and customer protection within the crypto sector, particularly focusing on ensuring that UK customers fully comprehend the risks associated with crypto investments.

The FCA also outlined various routes for asset promotion, including those involving FCA-authorized personnel or crypto companies registered with the FCA.

Bybit Launches TradeGPT: AI-Powered Crypto Trading Education

Bybit has introduced TradeGPT, an AI-powered education tool designed to enhance traders' engagement with the crypto market. Unlike conventional AI, TradeGPT offers real-time market data and access to Bybit's extensive market data, trading analytics, and technical analysis tools.

It serves as a mentor and guide for users, providing real-time market analysis, multilingual support, personalized guidance, and assistance in understanding market trends and formulating investment strategies.

This move follows similar initiatives by other cryptocurrency companies, such as's AI-enabled platform, Amy, and Binance's AI-powered learning tool, Binance Sensei.

The integration of AI into the cryptocurrency industry is seen as a symbiotic relationship, with AI's data processing capabilities aiding cryptocurrency scalability and transaction processing, while cryptocurrencies incentivize AI research and development.

This synergy could foster innovation and collaboration in both sectors, creating secure, transparent platforms for exchanging AI-generated insights without intermediaries, according to a report by Finance Magnates.

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