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November 2023 Media Report


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The time of year between autumn and winter is unpredictable. Despite entering the month on a hot streak, and it being our 10th anniversary of providing award-winning crypto solutions, November can be fickle. And yet, taking stock of the company’s performance in the eleventh month revealed the busiest PR traffic of 2023 for CEX.IO. For participants who also share a birthday with the holiday season, you know how easy it can be to get lost in the festivities. Thankfully, the positive recognition, high-profile coverage, generative thought leadership, and improved rankings were a helpful reminder of our place in the spotlight.

The action started early with Business Insider again naming CEX.IO among the “Best Crypto Currency Exchanges” of November 2023. Having lost count of the outlet’s positive mentions, it continues to be a well-spring of inspiration to keep our community satisfied and our 4.45/5 ranking, hopefully, on the rise. This news was accompanied by the company also rising three positions in CCData’s latest Exchange Benchmark Report. Netting perfect marks for KYC/Transaction Risk, Asset Quality, and an overall score of 75, we’re pleased to have also received another “A” rating from the respected outlet. Not a bad start, especially considering we brought some fireworks of our own.

To kickoff our birthday celebration, we issued a press release that was immediately picked up by Yahoo! Finance. Our Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, was amplified by the flagship news engine, who reiterated our core commitments to the global crypto community, and our ongoing efforts to expand crypto adoption. A week later, CEX.IO’s Global MLRO and Head of Financial Crime, Mark Taylor, was also quoted by the outlet ahead of his appearance at the 2023 Future Identity Festival. That same day, Alex made his first trip to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle to discuss merging agricultural business with blockchain technology. These major acknowledgements and headline attention helped set the tone for what amounted to be a memorable month of coverage.

Alex returned to the Innovation Circle just days later to weigh in on how Web3 builders could set themselves apart from their Web2 predecessors. Citing crypto’s early exploratory phase, Alex encouraged future visionaries to tap into the sense of wonder that accompanied that period of collaboration and sandbox-style discovery. Reaching back to the industry’s genesis point was also the subject of CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate’s recent publication on HackerNoon. To Achieve Global Adoption, Crypto Should Remember Its Roots worked to resuscitate the communal atmosphere of the ecosystem’s infancy, and made a case for better supporting fellow participants. This was quickly followed by HackerNoon publishing a “Meet the Writer” feature on Becky, highlighting her process, and the persona behind the pen.

Later that day, and in response to our announcement that XRP would once again be available platform-wide, CoinMarketCap elevated our relisting to their readership. After a prolonged pause, and a perceived legal victory in the courts, having this popular asset back was yet another cause for celebration. Shortly thereafter, Alex made his third Innovation Circle appearance to caution Web3 builders from indulging in fantasies of overnight success. Having witnessed countless projects succumb to becoming crash test dummies, Alex championed staying the course and keeping a level head as means to avoiding calamity.&

CEX.IO’s Director of Lithuania, Head of Corporate Payment Solutions, Arina Dudko, also had the opportunity to speak with Cointelegraph about the EU’s proposed Data Act. Noted for adding a “kill switch” requirement to smart contracts operating in its jurisdiction, concerns of its passing has sparked considerable hubbub among crypto enthusiasts and hardliners alike. However, Arina offered insight into how these new regulations would better protect industry participants, and could serve to thaw skeptics on transacting in the crypto space. The company was again mentioned by Cointelegraph days later when the outlet reported on BTC and ETH availability for U.K.-based participants. This reiterated our prior announcement to halt onboarding for new users in that region, alongside other companies seeking to chart the right course through changing regulatory waters. All in all, it was a significant month for company recognition and generative thought-leadership.

Explore our November media highlights via the links below.

Business Insider: Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of November 2023

Business Insider renewed its assessment of CEX.IO, and named it among the “Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges” for another consecutive month. The company Maintained its 4.45/5 rating, and received praises for offering user-centric solutions, low fees, and best-in-class customer satisfaction.

Read the review in full here.

CCData: Exchange Benchmark November 2023

CEX.IO rose three positions versus March 2023, to #8 in the latest Exchange Benchmark Report from CCData. With perfect marks for KYC/Transaction Risk, Quality/Diversity of Assets, and Team/Exchange, the reputable outlet awarded an overall score of 75, and renewed our “A” rating.

Explore our full ranking here.

Yahoo! Finance: CEX.IO Celebrates 10 Years of Crypto Industry Leadership

Rounding out a busy start to the month, November 1 also saw our Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, quoted by Yahoo! Finance in recognition of CEX.IO’s 10-year anniversary. A rare accomplishment in the crypto space, Alex used the moment to thank employees at every level for their hard work and commitment to building a tenured, recognized company. After a decade of innovation and leadership in a growing industry, Alex made it clear CEX.IO continues to have big plans for the future.

“‘Since day one, we’ve endeavored to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized finance, and achieving this milestone is a testament to that commitment,’ Lutskevych said. ‘By developing proprietary technologies, and building out critical infrastructure, CEX.IO has been at the forefront during key periods of growth within the crypto space. And after a decade of measured leadership, we’re just getting started.’”

Yahoo! Finance: CEX.IO’s Head of Financial Crime Mark Taylor to Join Panel Organized by Future Identity

On November 7, CEX.IO officially announced that its Global MLRO and Head of Financial Crime, Mark Taylor, would be speaking on a panel at the 2023 Future Identity Festival in London. Mark was quoted by Yahoo! Finance following the release, where he spoke about the urgent duty he feels to keep the value and information of market participants safe from bad actors seeking to exploit weak points in the digital economy.&

“‘After two decades in law enforcement, I feel duty-bound to help ensure emerging developments are situated toward their most efficient application,’ Taylor said. ‘With our combined talent and expertise on display, I’m confident we’ll get to the heart of the current uptick of bad actors, and establish an understanding of next steps. Fraud prevention requires an incredible level of synchronicity between disparate partners, so it’s paramount that we work together.’”

Cointelegraph: 9 tips for a food business considering blockchain for its supply chain

Also on November 7, our CEO Alex made his first visit of the month to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, this time to discuss integrating agricultural businesses with blockchain technology. While the crypto ecosystem is still under development, Alex cautioned that real-world crops and livestock must align with their on-chain representations. That way, foodways can remain operational, and face minimal interruptions.

“Many pixels have been exhausted theorizing how blockchain technology could liberate industries and supply chains. However, ensuring digital assets actually account for the livestock or crops they represent is paramount to mitigating the dire impact subversion could have on at-risk populations. Therefore, those aiming to disrupt agricultural industries must ensure our foodways remain intact.”

Cointelegraph: 15 crypto leaders’ tips for devs moving from Web2 to Web3

On November 9, Alex made his second trip to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, this time to discuss how Web3 developers can set themselves apart from their Web2 ancestors. Noting the consolidation of internet providers that partially defines Web2, Alex suggested drawing inspiration from first-wave builders who pioneered early, user-run online communities. After liberating our digital space from the control of centralized entities, he argued that returning power to users will reinvigorate the internet’s initial wonder, and catalyze innovation.

“Each iteration of the Web has signaled a dramatic shift from its predecessor in how content is produced and accessed. Web3 companies should embrace a return to the user-centric, community-focused amenities that inspired first-wave builders. By breaking with the centralized consolidation that occurred under Web2, leaders stand to reinvigorate the sense of wonder that once thrived in our online spaces.”

HackerNoon: To Achieve Global Adoption, Crypto Should Remember Its Roots

On November 12, CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, had her second piece published on HackerNoon, this time examining how crypto’s history could have lessons for the future. By making a case for greater community investment from wealthier participants, Becky drew comparisons between educational funding in the U.S., and what crypto can learn from returning to its roots.

“To achieve global adoption, crypto companies need to start conceiving of the ecosystem as a single organism whose success requires collaborative effort and investment. Whether this demands the development of new or better networks, true progress must be measured by our collective will to achieve financial freedom. No longer a zero-sum game, this is an opportunity for the best and brightest to determine which stars are within reach.”

CoinMarketCap: XRP Relisted on Major Crypto Exchange

On November 15, and after a long hiatus, CEX.IO announced that XRP would once again be available platform-wide. The news caused quite a stir, as multiple outlets ran stories echoing the relisting. A post on CoinMarketCap was the first to share the news, and highlighted the company’s hardwon reputation, and signaled the event as a turning point for the XRP community following the recent court ruling.

“CEX.IO, a prominent digital asset exchange, announced the relisting of Ripple-affiliated XRP token for its U.S.-based users earlier this Wednesday. This move allows U.S. users to buy, sell, convert, deposit, and withdraw XRP across CEX.IO’s product ecosystem.”

HackerNoon: Meet the Writer: Hacker Noon’s Contributor, Becky Sarwate

That same day, Becky kept the momentum of her new piece rolling with a “Meet the Writer” feature on HackerNoon. After finding herself well-established on the platform, readers were given a glimpse into the person behind the posts, and her approach to publication. Where writing and thinking about crypto remains a professional passion, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“I usually write in three phases. During the first, I sit for two to three hours and just produce a raw draft. I kind of come with a mental outline in my head, and the data points I need to find to support my arguments. Then I just bang it out. In Phase 2, I come back after some rest (for me and the piece I’m writing) for a critical content review. The focus here is not necessarily mechanics. But did I accomplish what I intended? If not, time to edit. And in the last and final creative phase, I am usually nitpicking at my grammar and punctuation while trying my best not to let perfect become the enemy of good.”

Cointelegraph: Navigating the crypto frontier: Pioneers’ insights for new Web3 professionals

On November 21, Alex made his third visit of the month to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, this time to caution Web3 builders from expecting overnight success. After acknowledging the meteoric rises in technology and crypto circles, Alex noted how the majority of projects face tough challenges that require perseverance and dedication to overcome.

“Despite the quick pace of the crypto ecosystem, it’s rare for success to arrive overnight. While we’ve certainly seen projects exceed anyone’s wildest dreams, the majority face the uphill challenges of a crowded field and shifting public sentiment. For true believers, this is common knowledge often won through sober experience. Therefore, it’s wise to temper your expectations and plan for rainy days.”

Cointelegraph: Blockchain devs expect complications from EU smart contract kill switch

On November 24, CEX.IO’s Director of Lithuania and Head of Corporate Payment Solutions, Arina Dudko, spoke with Cointelegraph to discuss how the EU’s proposed Data Act is a necessary advancement to ensure user safety. Controversially, the legislation would require “kill switch” for smart contracts operating in its jurisdiction, which continues to divide leaders on the impact it will have on future innovation. By evoking laws that established much-needed building codes, Arina argued smart contract guardrails provide essential participant protections, while challenging builders to continue delivering top-tier products.

“Dudko said that much like ‘emergency exits and fire codes, these accommodations are critical to ensuring the environments and products we share are safe for all.’ Crypto market participants, she said, need a way to escape if they ‘get locked into a nefarious or misguided commitment. While this could discourage hardliners from engaging with these resources, introducing basic user protections could serve to welcome skeptics and crypto-curious participants to make their first transaction.’”

Cointelegraph: How to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in the UK

On November 26, CEX.IO’s announcement of halting new customer onboarding in the U.K. again circulated, this time in the outlet’s coverage of BTC and ETH availability in the region. The article notes the company’s prudence in navigating the evolving regulatory landscape around crypto marketing, while still providing top-tier access to existing users. As the situation continues to evolve, CEX.IO remains committed to working closely with officials to stay within permitted guidelines to achieve peak participant protection.

“In response to updated regulatory guidelines from the FCA and the expanded parameters of the Regime of Financial Promotions, CEX.IO and Binance announced in 2023 that they had suspended onboarding new U.K.-based consumers. Therefore, verifying an exchange’s availability in the U.K. and compliance with regulatory changes is essential for informed decision-making.”

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