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To those whose been laughing to Monero's situation recent days. "Nobody cares about Privacy" right? After all it was just a trend after Snowden revelations and got quickly forgotten.

A couple years have passed and now you click every "accept all" button you see in every website and every app on your phone again, because who cares right? It's just feeding AI. No agent is actively tracking you.

Well, there will be a time that you wish you had sent your $51 donation with Monero and not get 20 years in prison:

or when they "taint" your bitcoin and track it down to the depths of hell for whatever X reason, you will wish there would be no way to throw dirt on your bitcoin and now suddenly you are in a position to prove how "clean" your bitcoin is. Search for the term "Blockchain Forensic Analysis".

No one can ever taint your Monero. End of story.

We "Monero boys" also have bitcoin and other coins.

Will I ever use them for any personal transactions? No.

Will I get rid of them on the top? Yes profits increase my life quality why not? But these are just like gold / stocks, bound to Greater fool theory;

I was thinking what is the difference between a CBDC and a trackable cryptocurrency, to be honest I can't find much arguments. Use CBDC then, why do you even bother for a cryptocurrency? Ohhh...but a CBDC will not go to moon, that's right. That is the argument.

Then, what is a cryptocurrency?

Satoshi whether he was Hal Finney or Len Sassaman or both doesn't matter, they created Bitcoin after 2008 crisis against the banks as "people's money" and today Bitcoin is at the hand of the bankers. They will manipulate it, play with it. They will absorb all Pension funds into it then blow them all away. Remember back in 2017 they said they will "tame" Bitcoin, and they did:

Monero is the only cryptocurrency. True "People's coin".

Have a good day!

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