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Over 10,000 XRP Users Sign Up For Evernode Airdrop – What Are the Requirements?


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As the much anticipated Evernode airdrop approaches, XRP enthusiasts are swarming to Xumm to capitalize on the forthcoming opportunity. This unexpected surge in interest has resulted in the massive adoption of Xumm Wallet, with over 10,000 new users signing up in a single day. 

XRP Community Excitement Fuel Xumm’s Growth

Founder of XRP Ledger (XRPL), Wietse Wind has taken to X (formerly Twitter) to publish a chart screenshot, highlighting the noteworthy surge in daily adoption of Xumm, the non-custodial wallet of XRPL. 

“This pattern in the XummWallet active user stats (first observed one day ago) is called Mount EvernodeXRPL,” Wind stated. 

According to the data from the chart, at one point on November 26, Xumm Wallet had recorded 17,330 active new users, and the numbers continued to grow steadily up until the next day. Due to the growing excitement over the upcoming Evernode airdrop, Xumm Wallet’s active users skyrocketed to 25,377. These numbers indicate a 45% surge from its previous records and an influx of 10,000 new users in 24 hours. 

Evernode has announced its targeted launch schedule on December 18. The scaling solution has stated it would deposit approximately 5,160,960 Evers after its launch into the airdrop hook which can be accessed exclusively by participants. 

To gain access to the airdrop, users must register XRPL r-addresses on the Evernode platform before the deadline on December 11. The airdrop also comes in two categories, one for XRP holders and the other for beta testers. 

After registration, XRP holders are instructed to import their r-address onto Xahau, an XRPL side chain, and set a trust line for Ever’s issuing address. While the Beta testers are required to import their r-address keys onto the Xumm wallet. 

Evernode Airdrop Requirements Sparks Worries

Following Evernode’s announcement of its airdrop participation conditions, many XRP community members voiced concerns about the safety of using their private keys on the Xumm wallet to access the promised airdrops.

A crypto influencer on X, Cryptoinsightuk had stated worries about the unique conditions attached to the Evernode airdrop. Expressing his suspicions, the crypto enthusiast had asked the community members to confirm the airdrop requirement’s legitimacy. 

“What are everyone’s thoughts about this? Is it legit? I don’t like how they want us to link our hardware wallets to XUMM. I was told all I needed was an XRP address and nothing needed to be done? Is their Twitter compromised? Those who know more than me, please advise,” Cryptoinsightuk stated. 

Other community members have also expressed concerns regarding the safety of the airdrop conditions. Some have opted not to participate in the Evernode airdrop to avoid potential security risks. While others have sought assurance from Wietse Wind to verify the legitimacy of the requirements. 

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