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Top 5 investment-worthy Coin in 2022


The cryptocurrency markets have again proved the naysayers wrong by climbing more than any expected or predicted at the beginning of 2021. As Bitcoin rose from its slumber, the bullish rally of Altcoins followed suit. The most profitable investment trends for this year were projects concerning Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), and Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). Experts have reasons to believe that the next year is going to be less volatile than usual for cryptocurrencies based on their popularity as a rewarding investment opportunity.

As cryptocurrencies have reached the mainstream, now people have an interest in not only holding Bitcoin but also finding projects with different real-life use cases. This has brought attention to other altcoins which are mostly connected with DeFi ecosystems and are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Although crypto enthusiasts and long-time investors are still waiting for additional ETFs to hit the shelf like other institutional products, the market remains full of options to participant in a new and budding crypto project that has the potential to grow into the next crypto giant.

After weeks of analysis, we have listed below chosen 5 cryptocurrencies all listed on BitYard exchange that are investment-worthy in the year 2022.

  1. SafeMoon – SAFEMOON

Launched back in March 2021, Safemoon has become more of a sensation in the crypto sphere due to all three of its main functions: Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn. SafeMoon made a buzz in the DeFi space when it was first introduced as an auto-liquidity generating protocol.

SafeMoon is going to do well in the future due to an announcement that indicates that after successfully establishing itself as a DeFi project, building an NFT exchange is the next step. The ambitious plans SafeMoon has is keeping its hype alive while also increasing the number of partnerships. Undeniably, this is a winning opportunity for any crypto investor interested in DeFi and NFT’s future performance.

  1. Shiba Inu – SHIB

The anonymously created phenomenon that first made its debut in August of 2020 managed to shift the paradigms this year with its unforeseen success. Shiba Inu was previously under the pseudonym of Ryoshi but this meme coin quickly grabbed the attention of hundreds of millions of community members after making headlines based on Tweets from celebrities like Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk.

Now, this memecoin is listed not only available on some of the largest crypto exchanges like Coinbase but also on BitYard. Shiba Inu could be a low-risk addition to one’s crypto portfolio prepared to take on the next year. The crypto market is used to price fluctuations and other signs of extreme volatility but it is up to an investor how they handle these situations.

  1. Alchemix – ALCX

It would not be wrong to say DeFi coins were the crown jewels of cryptocurrency markets this year once we see their consistent performance by technical analysis. Alchemix is a newly-launched DeFi coin but that did not stop it from going head to head with long-running successful DeFi projects like Yearn Finance and Curve Finance.

During the frst half of 2021, Alchemix launched its alETH product in collaboration with the Curve Finance fork project called Saddle. Though Alchemix had its ups and downs throughout the year it is still among the most sought after DeFi protocols in the industry that investors are eyeing for 2022.

4. Zilliqa – ZIL

The word Metaverse has made a stir within the crypto market and even more, after Facebook, the biggest social media platform of all time relaunched as Meta. Zilliqa, the public blockchain known for its high throughput and scalability has also shared interest in joining the race to get to Metaverse. It is still too early to pinpoint which trends are going to survive the year ahead but Metaverse is definitely going to be the newest frontier of entertainment and even social media.

This makes Zilliqa, which is already employing its second-layer sharding scaling solution to make the blockchain far more efficient it already is, a serious contender of being one of the most profitable cryptos to invest in 2022.

  1. Bitcoin – BTC

At last but not least, Bitcoin, a giant among all of the other cryptocurrencies remains people’s first choice for investment in the year next and beyond.

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