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“Peak inflation has been reached” says Philipp Hildebrand, Vice Chairman at BlackRock.

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There you go. I think this is the first time since the inflation crisis started that we have some major actors talking about real inflation peaks. This can be taken as a god signal for the world economy. Also, don’t forget that the US government is still talking about the recession as an “not fully inevitable event”, so probably these are the first lights of some relief after the hell we have been through the past months (unless you want to bet against BlackRock… Your call) Anyways, what does this means for crypto? Of course I don’t know shit about fuck, but if we follow past trends from previous bear markets, the inflation peak is highly correlated to the bottom price for stocks and crypto. The thing is we can’t be sure if the previous 17K-18K was the bottom or we are now in the eye before the storm of a new major crash before we can start going sideways again preparing the new pumps before the halving. That’s it. Uncertain times for sure but good times for setting up a strategy (DCA, try to time the bottom, hodl… You name it.)

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