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Pro-Crypto Candidate RFK Jr To “Put The Entire US Budget On Blockchain” If Elected


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During his latest rally, pro-crypto US candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. promised to use blockchain technology to “bring transparency to American citizens” if elected. The independent candidate has constantly advocated for blockchain technology and the crypto industry, which has granted him the support of figures in the community.

The US Budget To Be “On Blockchain”

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy presented the idea of putting the US budget on blockchain to achieve better transparency during a Michigan rally on April 21. The politician stated, “I’m gonna put the entire US budget on blockchain.”

Seemingly, US citizens want more transparency about where their tax money is being spent. The proposal would address this recurring concern among Americans:

Every American can look at every budget item in the entire budget, anytime they want, 24 hours a day.

If Kennedy were to win the November election and implement the idea, the US would have “300 million eyeballs on our budget.” Moreover, US citizens would know “if somebody is spending $16,000 for a toilet seat.”

Members of the crypto community received the proposition positively. Some users on social media platform X considered the idea “transformative” and “what the nation’s founders would have done if they had the tech.”

Another user deemed the idea of a “refreshing” way of “looking at problems and finding solutions,” despite considering that the independent candidate has a “low chance of winning the election.”

The results of the US presidential elections that will be held in November could be decisive for crypto adoption and regulation in the country.  This electoral campaign has shown a variety of regulatory approaches and advocacy for cryptocurrencies among the candidates.

Most notably, former Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy advocated for better crypto regulations and warned of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). Ultimately, Ramaswamy influenced former US president and current Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Trump has now expressed his opposition to an American CBDC and shown a more pro-crypto stance. Despite his preference for the US dollar, the former president recognizes the importance of cryptocurrencies and the industry.

Cardano Founder Shows Support To RFK Jr.

The independent candidate’s campaign has received support from figures like Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and current CEO of Block Inc. More recently, the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, showed his support for the politician.

In X post, Kennedy shared a clip of Hoskinson expressing his stance on the November presidential elections. As of April 4, Cardano’s founder believes that RFK Jr is somebody “who actually could make a difference, regardless of if he wins.”

He further asserted his endorsement of the candidate, calling him “the horse to ride this November.” Hoskinson wishes people would get inspired by this election. He added that win or lose, he hopes a “strong civic sense that things need to change” will be built.

Based on this, some X users believe that Cardano has a high chance of being the blockchain the presidential candidate would use to implement his “US budget on Blockchain” idea. Others find the Bitcoin blockchain would be better suited for the task.

Ultimately, Kennedy’s proposal seems to have fueled the conversation about ways blockchain technology could be implemented to solve problems in the American system and bring transparency.

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