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PSA for noobs: “AI” is just the new “Inu”

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It probably goes without saying for most of you, but newbs may not know so here goes:

Out of the endless array of regurgitated “AI” shitcoins that you see being shilled nowadays, 99.9% are flat out scams or cashgrabs which will slowly drain liquidity over time (i.e. slow-rugging users).

True AI development is expensive, time-consuming, labor-intensive and difficult and if any single one of these dime a dozen “AI companies” (read: 18 year olds in mama’s basement) had any real working product, they’d be talking to venture capital firms for billions in funding instead of asking you for your coins and stables.

All this nonsense is just the latest flavor of pump and dump, same like most dog coins, same like move-to-earn this time last year, etc.

Don’t fall for their grandiose “timelines” and “schedules” either - words on a website are cheap, worthless in most cases. If there’s no real working product, there’s also no reason for you to hand over money (other than knowingly speculating in a pump and dump, for those who do).

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