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Radix community contest: Match the long term roadmap

Radix community contest: Match the long term roadmap

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Hi there crypto enthusiasts,

The Radix community wants to hold a contest for the wider crypto community:
(on the day of the Olympia mainnet launch (first version of the Radix Public Network))

"If you can provide any L1 smart contract platform whose long term roadmap matches or eclipses the long term roadmap features of Radix, then Radix community members pledge over 10k+$ in total to transfer to whomever can make a well-sourced case."

Radix long term roadmap yields:

* Practically infinite linear scalability (in both storage (state in bytes) and throughput (tps))('Practically', because the linear scalability follows a trend line well beyond the needs for a global civilization, we can clarify further with math if necessary.)
(!) tps as well for complex smart contract operations, not purely simple value transfers
(Throughput is not solely determined by speed of consensus but also the execution environment)

* Cross-shard atomic composability
(Cross-shard transactions that hit multiple shards are committed atomically (ie. with 1 consensus process, in case of a blockchain this would be in a single block) (with acceptable latency))

The above whilst maintaining decentralization & security:

> Decentralization: Practically infinite amount of shards = practically infinite amoutn of shard groups that are maintained each by a validator set
=> Network can support practically infinite amount of nodes

> Security: The load balancing algorithm makes sure you need around 30-40% of total stake to control 1 shard (group) = as secure as an unsharded POS-secured network

(Will leave aside the development incentives & environment (smart contract programming language, execution environment))

There have been pledges made in the Radix trader telegram channel, this is where you can discuss your case and potentially collect your bounty.

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