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Recovering Old Wallet

Recovering Old Wallet

Litecoin Reddit

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I've seen similar posts on the sub, but none with the same exact situation so I made this post. A few years ago, I had a wallet with some LTC, and I'm looking to see if I can recover it. I have had the Litecoin Core application for years on my computer (it's a much older version than current versions), and this is the same computer I first used to create the wallet.

I opened the application, and I think the syncing process began (it took many hours). However, when it more than 98% done, it said the storage was low. I learned about the wallet.dat file and backed it up now, but I'm not sure how to proceed, or if that file is useful since it said it was modified less than a day ago (during the syncing). I tried to open the file but it wasn't readable by a human at all (not sure if that's normal). Should I free up storage and then click "Ok" and try to let it complete syncing? How should I proceed after that?

I really appreciate the help!

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