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Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin Halving to Boost Price to $100,000 by September

Finance Magnates

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The renowned author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad," Robert Kiyosaki, has predicted that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 by September, thanks to Bitcoin halving. Kiyosaki, known for his insight on wealth and investment strategies, plans to accumulate 10 Bitcoins before April, according to his post on X.

He mentioned: "I am buying 10 more Bitcoin before April. Why? The 'Halving'. If you can't afford a whole Bitcoin, you may want to consider buying 1/10 of a coin via the new ETFs or Satoshi's. If the Bitcoin process works as designed, you may own a whole Bitcoin by the end of this year."

Bitcoin Predictions and Economic Uncertainty

Kiyosaki's prediction is informed by his assessment of the global economic situation. He highlighted various factors contributing to financial instability, including the United States' staggering debt, China's troubled property market, and the economic challenges in Japan and Germany. Additionally, he highlighted consumers' reliance on credit cards, the state of troubled banks, and the looming global conflicts.

Kiyosaki stated: "Because the 'smart money' knows the U.S. is the biggest debtor nation in the world; China's property market is 'toast'; Japan has been in a depression since 1990; Germany is sliding into a depression, mom and pop consumer are living on credit cards; banks are in trouble; and the world is on the brink of war."

Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver

Besides his recommendation for Bitcoin, Kiyosaki is bullish about investing in silver, particularly U.S. Silver Eagles. He cited their scarcity and the challenges in obtaining pre-1964 U.S. silver coins. Kiyosaki emphasized the affordability of silver as a precious metal investment alongside Bitcoin and gold, which he sees as essential to hedge against financial instability.

Kiyosaki echoed the sentiments of Michael Saylor, a Bitcoin advocate, underscoring the risks associated with saving in fiat currency, which Saylor refers to as "fake money." Urging individuals to steer clear of financial impoverishment, Kiyosaki, along with Saylor and colleague Andy Schectman, encourages investors to acquire Bitcoin, silver, and gold to hedge against economic uncertainty.

He added: "Of the three, silver is the most affordable for the most people. Bitcoin is about $70,000 a coin, gold is about $2,500 per coin, silver is about $35.00 a coin. Almost everyone in the world can afford at least one silver coin or one Bitcoin Satoshi."

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