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Scam Warning: We have seen dozens of Arbitrum Airdrop scammers in the past few days

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Scam Warning: We have seen dozens of Arbitrum Airdrop scammers in the past few days

With many big crypto events, scammers will be trying to steal your money. With the announcement of Arbitrum's airdrop, scammers are hoping to capitalize on the complexity of crypto and users excited for free money. Here's how this one works on reddit:

  1. The scammers setup fake "Arbitrum" twitter profiles with links to fake Arbitrum websites or contract addresses. Most likely it requests access to your MetaMask and steals all your money.
  2. They buy a bunch of reddit or twitter accounts
  3. They spam crypto reddit with posts like the one below


  • The link text says it is going to the official arbitrum twitter account, but when you hover over the link it is going to a different account.
  • If you click into the user's profile, you'll see their history is empty, has nothing to do with crypto, or they are spamming this link across many subreddits. It will look nothing like organic user activity.
  • They are offering free money which appeals to people's greed and lowers their inhibitions.
  • They may use deadlines or "act now!" language to create a sense of urgency, making you click the link before you think about if it is legitimate.

A scammer might not have any of these red flags, but if you see these red flags it's certainly time to be very very suspicious. If you are looking for information about something like arbitrum's airdrop, use their official website. If you are involved with arbitrum, it's probably a good idea to have bookmarked their website, otherwise you may search for it later and click a phishing ad by mistake.

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