Serious Question (I Guess) Does anyone else just seem to make the worst possible decisions?

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I've been investing for 2 years and one thing I have learned is nothing is ever guaranteed. But something else I have noticed is I have managed to make some of the most stupid and thoughtless decisions so far. My portfolio is probably at around - 50% which is fine, but when I look at it, I just feel like a legitimate moron. Some of my highlights were:

  • 300 euro bag for SOL last year eventually went to 2500, DCA'd over the next year and my 600 euro bag is now at around 350. Never sold, can't understand why, wasn't necessarily me expecting it to go higher, I just didn't think it would be smart to sell?!

  • Most recently, bought into Aptos at 7.7 and sold at 7.8, thinking I got lucky and broke even. Now looking at the price I am thinking wtf I was doing. I had no reason to sell, no motive whatsoever. I just sold for absolutely no reason.

So I am sitting here having one of those "Am I just a fucking moron who doesn't 'get' crypto". I understand lots of people are winging it. But I seem to do this thing where I buy a coin, give it a few weeks and if it doesn't have any change, just try to break even and sell. It seems to be impatience, likely from my PF being down by half.

None of my friends, family or anyone I know is into crypto, so I never really have anyone to chat to about it, but yeah, could do with a bit of reassuring that I need to change my outlook, or just change my approach. It seems I am all about breaking even which makes me feel like I don't really understand the concept of crypto, or something.

Reality slaps welcome, however go easy, still feeling the effects of this current Aptos miss.

Edit - Thanks for all the supportive messages. Always nice to have the backing of a solid group of people to make you feel better about the poor decisions you've made. You've all helped make a bit more sense of it all now, so again, thank you!

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