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[SERIOUS] When will we no longer say "we are still early"?

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One of our most common sayings on the sub is "we are still early", but when will we actually not be early anymore? Crypto started in 2009, so we are 14 years in, id agree that's still early. So what are the benchmarks that will determine we have become established and no longer early. A short list of where we stand:

-Currently there are almost 23,000 different crypto's

-56 different countries have favorable regulations of crypto

-2 countries have adopted it as legal tender

-Crypto has become integrated into platforms and technology

-There are real world uses for blockchain and NFT's

-Over 1 trillion market cap

The two key factors we need are awareness and behavioral intent. I believe most people are aware of crypto unless living off grid. So that means we need behavioral intent, which is a willingness to adapt to technology. Some great examples are the internet and smart phones. The internet came around in 1990's and was not well accepted, But by the 2000's it was everything and everywhere. The same can be said for the smart phone. iPhone 1st came out in 2007, and by 2011 everyone had to have a smart phone. Adoption can definitely be quick or painfully slow.

Now to the question. When will we no longer be considered early?

-Regulations established globally that establish trust in crypto?

-Every country establishes its own stable coin to replace fiat?

-We have portable crypto wallets that we can instantly transfer between and make purchases with?

What does everyone think it will truly take to become widely adopted and accepted?

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