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Some stats about round 37

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Some stats about round 37

Hello all,

recently I became a little bit obsessed with numbers, so I would like to share some basic stats about the distribution round 37. Of course, we will focus on Karma.

The core of the discussion will be the following chart, which is a distribution of how many karma points were gained by how many users (On the horizontal axis the karma bins, while on the vertical axis the count of each bin):

Karma histogram - Round 37

For reference, the total amount of users who were taken into account are 11601. As you can see the vast majority has gained much less than 100 Karma points.

To make this even clearer, I will report the main quartiles and the mean (I'll also put some additional info in brackets, for those of you who are not familiar with quartiles):

- 1st Quartile: 4 (25% of eligible users gathered 4 or less karma points)

- 2nd Quartile (Median): 14 (50% of eligible users gathered 14 or less karma points)

- 3rd Quartile: 53 (75% of eligible users gathered 53 or less karma points)

- Mean (or average): 116,8

I want to close with a last piece of info, which is what happens if we consider the top 1% karma points earners:

- 99 percentile: 1848 (meaning that 99% of users gained less than 1848 karma points)

- Number of users in top1%: 116

Top 1% Karma histogram - Round 37

As you can see, there is a decreasing trend, until we get to the karma cap, where there is a sudden peak.

Thank you for your attention.

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