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Stablecoins Under Scrutiny: Study Reveals 90% Non-User Transactions

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Over 90% of stablecoin transactions do not originate from real users, a recent study by Visa and Allium Labs revealed. These findings raise questions about the potential of stablecoins revolutionizing the payment sector despite the optimism from industry leaders and the overall positive market sentiment.

Stablecoin Potential in Payments

Out of a staggering $2.65 trillion in total stablecoin transactions in the past 30 days, a mere $265 billion is attributed to "organic payments activity," highlighting the prevalence of non-user transactions. This data was highlighted in a dashboard aimed at analyzing stablecoin transactions to differentiate between authentic user activity and artificial volume.

This revelation challenges the narrative thatstablecoins, tethered to assets like the dollar, are on the brink of transforming the payment industry, a notion supported by fintech giants like PayPal and Stripe. Despite the bullish sentiments expressed by industry leaders, including John Collison of Stripe, the data underscores the nascent stage of stablecoins as a viable payment instrument, Bloomberg reported.

While the potential for stablecoins to disrupt the payments sector is acknowledged, practical hurdles remain. Airwallex's Pranav Sood highlights the imperative of enhancing existing payment infrastructure to facilitate seamless adoption. Moreover, user-friendly interfaces are crucial, with many consumers still favoring traditional payment methods due to ease of use.

Despite the challenges, analysts predict a significant surge in stablecoin circulation in the coming years, with the potential for the total value to reach $2.8 trillion by 2028. Recently, Stripe made a comeback into the cryptocurrency space after exiting the sector six years ago. However, this time, the payment firm is embracing stablecoins to facilitate transactions and minimize risks.

Institutional Stablecoin Adoption

Stripe's decision to use stablecoins marks a departure from its previous foray into crypto, which was marred by volatility and technical challenges. Stablecoins, such as Circle's USDC, offer a predictable value, mitigating the sharp fluctuations associated with traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

During a recent presentation, Stripe's Co-Founder and President, John Collison, demonstrated a seamless crypto payment using USDC, emphasizing its stability and suitability for online transactions.

Reflecting on their earlier experience with Bitcoinpayments, Collison acknowledged the shortcomings, labeling it as a "pretty terrible payment experience." However, this time around, Stripe is betting on stablecoins to provide a more reliable and user-friendly payment solution.

Stripe's resurgence in the crypto realm comes at a time when the company is experiencing exponential growth in payment volumes, surpassing $1 trillion. With clients, including industry giants like Zara and Ford, Stripe continues to solidify its position in payment processing.

This article was written by Jared Kirui at
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