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I'm new to this part. Be kind. I Just made my first real transaction. It was a small one. Just trying things out. I want to wipe the device and recover it to make sure everything is working and get familiar with the ui. I did it once before i transferred and the phrase worked so i figured that's a good start.

The transaction only took a few minutes from start to finish so that was nice. I wasn't expecting instant but I'm glad it wasn't hours like some people have said.

When i made the transaction the provider said est fee was less than 25 cents when the wallet received it it said the fee was a lot more but i received the total amount and the first provider didn't withdraw more. Is that common? What happened? Is the rest of the fee going to be removed/ taken later?

Does the fee increase the more it is confirmed?

Why on one page did it say the fee was much higher and then on another it says i saved on the transaction?

I received it in the wallet before i got the transaction id is that normal?

I looked at the transaction id it was in a batch or a pool. Is that normal?

I found my own part of it(very cool) but it said it was a used address. How can it be a used address since it is my first time?

In previous attempts the provider asked me to choose a network. With this provider it didn't ask it just made the transaction which worked because i received it but does that have something to do with the different reporting of fees?

The transaction amount was a lot more than i have. What happened here?

There is a lot of information on my ''receipt'' ? How much of that is vital? How much should i pay attention to? Are there specific things i should check everytime? Any ids i should take note of?

Its showing me a bunch of types and what looks like a bunch of different transactions? Is that normal?

What determines the types?

It only has a couple confirmations. How many should it have?

How did i have it in my wallet before it was confirmed?

This transaction was small tester one. Should i make multiple small ones or fewer total?

If i make multiple transactions will it use a different address or reuse the already reused one that should have still had its digital cherry intact?

I've been sitting here for far too long scratching my head.

Is there a bitcoin for dummies type reference i can read? Like with everything?

Self custody is making me feel like i know far too little. The exchange felt like a casino. Now I'm starting to feel some responsibly.

I realize i don't know sht about sht and should probably be phoning a friend but i don't have any. I'm the only person irl i know that knows even remotely anything about the coin.

Some of you read like you know what you're talking about and your knowledge would be appreciated.

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