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by COINS NEWS - 3 days ago

To all the newbies to cryptocurrency MIT OpenCourse and Gary Gensler has helped me understand the fundamentals of BlockChain crypto and finance so much more than any other videos on YouTube. NO PUMP AND DUMP just good solid info.

Gary Gensler does a great job of explaining how Blockchain cryptocurrency and finance all tie together and where the future of this technology is going and how its going to get there. I recommend anyone new(or not so new) to cryptocurrency watch thes...

by COINS NEWS - 4 days ago

A day in the life of an r/cryptocurrency user

I wake up at 11 AM after a long night of browsing reddit and trading crypto. This lifestyle is not for everyone, you have to make sure that you are up for making sacrifices such as staying at the computer late at night. I immediately check the curren...