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by COINS NEWS - 5 months ago

The Ethereum Berlin Fork Upgrade is now Live

The Ethereum Berlin fork update is now live. The upgrade is activated with block 12,244,000 Four EIPs (Ethereum Improvement Proposals) are injected with the Berlin upgrade: 2565, 2929, 2718, and 2930. This is a important step forward, and lets party...

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Selling ethereum

Guys, i think i wont even sell my ethereum on the next bear run and going to sell on the next 3 years bullrun...i will definitely sell my btc this bullrun tho..just waiting good timing.. do u guys think it is wise to just hold my eth on the next bear...

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What is the Goal/Purpose of Ethereum?

I’m new to all of this so please forgive my ignorance. I just wanted to put some fundamentals to the community in order to better understand things. The first is in the title, does Ethereum have an overarching goal or purpose? Maybe I’m incorrect abo...