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Bots on Ethereum

I have some questions regarding the usage of bots with Ethereum (or any other blockchain network). Are bots able to confirm transactions, either general purpose or with smart contracts? I.e. the process of initiating a transaction and confirming the...

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8M Ethereum Out of Circulation Points to a Supply Shock

​8M Ethereum Out of Circulation Points to a Supply Shock The combination of ETH deposited in the staking contract and supply burned through EIP-1559 equates to about 8 million ETH worth $28.8 billion being taken out of circulation. The number of toke...

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Why is ethereum better than cardano?

I recently posted on the cardano sub “why is cardano better than ethereum?”. I wanted to know this subs thoughts on why etherum is better than cardano? submitted by /u/pinkwave24 [link] [comments]

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Ethereum gas fee policy is like highway robbery

If you don’t set the right amount of gas, your tx will fail, and the gas fee will still be taken from you and burned. The problem is nobody is able to tell you exactly how much gas is required for each transaction type. How is this different from dea...

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Is There an Ethereum Based Freelance Platform?

I am a college student in need of a passive income stream. I can write articles and do graphics design. I am looking for a platform based on Ethereum where I can get freelance jobs. I have been searching the internet and the only one I can find is. E...