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Reddit / IOTA Reddit - 2 months ago

Vote for listing iota on new exchange

If you have a twitter account you can vote for iota to be avaiable to purchase for fiat on Bitclude. https://twitter.com/BitClude/status/949353173482921984 submitted by /u/IotaFanBoy [link] [comments]

Reddit / Bitcoin Cash Reddit - 2 months ago

No exchanges to trust?

I have been trading for a while. Some daytrading, and some long hodls. But lately I have not found any Exchanges to trust where I can trade my coins. My main coin is BCH, and i usually daytrade Verge, Doge, Bytecoin, Dash and what ever coin I see hav...

Reddit / IOTA Reddit - 2 months ago

Moving IOTA for one exchange to another

Hello, Im new in the scene of crypto, and a few minutes ago i tried to move a few of IOTA i had from bitfinex to binance. In bitfinex its showing that the transaction completed, but i don't see anything in binance. not even pending transaction. i...

Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 2 months ago

Can I trust these exchanges with my ID's?

Hi, I was wondering how trustworthy these exchanges are? I'm mainly thinking about coinbase and Binance. Can I trust them with my drivers lisence and passports? It has my SSN etc.. They probably have good security now, but what happens in 10 year...