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Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 10 hours ago

Why is BTC the primary trading pair?

Why is BTC the primary trading pair? I mean, most exchanges I use also have XRP/EUR or XRP/USD. I use kraken.com and bitstamp.com I tought those were some of the biggest. Of course there are a lot more exchanges around the world. But I assume (altou...

by COINS NEWS Admin - 1 day ago

The truth about trading: altcoins

I have not been able to focus on writing the past couple of weeks now. I have learned a lot about using multiple different exchanges over the past couple weeks. I went from GDAX, to Binance to Kucoin. I have learned a lot and what I am about to tell...

Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 3 days ago

Kucoin opening trading pairs for BCH!

I just received the following email: We Have Opened Alt Coins & Bitcoin Cash Trading Pairs In another busy week at the People’s Exchange we opened up another full market for trading. Now available on Kucoin are five new pairs of Alt Coins that ar...