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Talking Crypto with my Father

Talking Crypto with my Father

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My Dad is a 51 year old, gun owning, deer hunting, Trump supporting, staunch Conservative. He knows absolutely nothing about cryptocurrency beyond what he hears on Fox news.

I'll also mention that we aren't necessarily that close. We never had many common interests when I was younger. I moved out of the house and my hometown at 18 and never looked back (I'm almost 30). But my birthday is coming up, so my Dad wanted to get dinner and catch up.

After the usual 'How are you?' 'What's new?' casual small talk, the conversation eventually progressed to me talking about my new-found obsession with cryptocurrency, which my Dad was legitimately curious about and we just had a great conversation.

I explained to him all about mining, and that I had been doing it since January this year. He was flabbergasted when I told him my earnings up to this point compared to what I initially invested.

We talked about investing for the long term. I explained staking to him and the potential for compounding interest in addition to an appreciating asset.

But most importantly, I explained to him the importance of BTC, and why it will be such an excellent store of value. Being able to instill into him the potential of BTC as an investment has to be one of the times I've felt most connected to him as a person.

We may not have had much in common when I was growing up, but it turns out, we both love money.

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