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The CFTC's Case against bZx is an Example of "Regulation By Enforcement To Build Precedent". The Real Reason They're Doing This Is To Crminilize/Prosecute/Extradite Governance People On Platforms Like DYDX arbitrum, and Especially the v4 Cosmos DYDX Chain

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I need to recap some things

  • The US uses bilateral agreements intergovernmental agreements and intelligence agency 5 Eyes with the EU and countless other UN countries to sue, prosecute, imprison, and extradite Non US Citizens who violate US Financial Compliance Laws.
  • The Main tool the US is using to sue Forex and Crypto are not SEC and CFTC laws, but rather Sanctions, Foreign account Tax Compliance act, and The Banking Secrecy act
  • It is impossible for DeFi to comply with The investment company act or the Dodd Frank act
  • The CFTC is sueing a Dao, explicitly and intentionally
  • The US government wants base layer censorship on L1 protocols
  • The US government is going to sue the multi-sig holders of L2 rollup layers like arbitrum
  • The US government reduced US forex to three, only three companies, using these same laws, Forex dot com, IG Gain Capital, and Oanda. Do you want that to happen to crypto? Did you know that no forex broker in the world is allowed to service US citizens but those three companies?
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