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"the merge" The Truth (and actual answers on the ETH $$ Gas fee solution)

"the merge" The Truth (and actual answers on the ETH $$ Gas fee solution)

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Ok so we all know the fees are causing a lot of people to leave ETH as it is unusable at the moment for average users with fees around $20 minimum.

I hear a lot about how Eth 2.0 will soon undergo "the merge" with the beacon chain (allowing the ETH main chain to eventually live inside the new beacon chain)

everyone expects.. and it is often hinted and suggested..

that with "the merge" to 2.0... and the introduction of Sharding

will come LOWER GAS FEES , will come usable GAS FEES. preferably under $0.10 per transaction again at the very least is what we should expect and demand from one of the best blockchains out there right?


what guarantee do we have that ETH gas fees will reduce after "the merge" and after Sharding goes live.

what figures to we actually have, what actual numbers to we actually have about what the new average Gas fees will be per transaction with ETH 2.0?

Some ETH detractors are already saying that Fee's wont even go down after 2.0 launches.

Who can give actual figures, or projected averages or any actual data (or even just assurances) that Fees REALLY WILL GO DOWN again after we move to Proof Of Stake?

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