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The "Source of Wealth" is IMPOSSIBLE to complete.


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Case ID #100456850

I am making an attempt to submit my supply of wealth since 05.01.2023.

The method is ridiculous. At the moment is the 10.02.2023 and i'm requested again to resubmit all the information already given.

What occurred to date:

I used to be chosen to submit my supply of wealth. And my Account acquired locked with all my belongings it contained. Shouldnt be so dangerous proper? I have nothing to cover and may account for every transaction of my deposit/withrawal/trading historical past since i've to pay taxes on the Cash i generate via crypto.

So i feel to myself, no drawback sick simply send them every part i have after which i can go on my approach and proceed trading. They have every thing they want and I'm capable of proceed using my account once more. So i give all the information relating to my internet value. All the things I've to proove my networth. Just to then be advised additionally they need to know concerning the source of funds. Or truly needed to know concerning the source of funds from the start, however forgot to tell me? Perhaps there was some misscommunication on both ends. So no drawback i give them every thing there's to probably find out about me.

I map out my whole operation with all the paperwork i exploit to do my taxes. This type of info is just not even despatched to my states tax departement (german IRS equal) if not specifically requested for, in case you are chosen for a deeper tax examination. I mark every relevant Transaction courting again for over 3 months and may account for 100% of deposits stepping into to Binance. That ought to in all probability be enough?

It isn't. I despatched more documents than my states tax departement ask for. I marked out every little thing for x Pages of paperwork. And gave a additional statement relating to each single transaction with the intention to find the related issues within the documents easier, since they are all in german. And it is nonetheless not sufficient. As we speak I'm contacted by an agent who says he is working on my case and he asks why my salary funds are deducted from my account and not credited to it. I stated that can not be and I checked each single line in my already submitted documents and found no transaction the place I was deducted from my work and not credited. I considered how they might assume that and came upon that for those who use totally different Day/Night time display settings, the purple and blue colors i used to mark the transactions, can look alike. The agent asks me if I can produce pay slips from my work additional for him to take a look at. At this level I'm considering we will finally get this resolved as over a month has handed, but I finally converse to an agent who is instantly involved with my case (this guy but he cant be contacted for no purpose). So i attempt to explain that in reality there are not any such transactions on any type i submitted and level out the purple and blue distinction. Purple is for allowance and salaray and blue is for outgoing transactions. So utterly different things (here is the difference). And send him payslips courting back for 4 months. After i sent the message, I instantly get sent into another waiting que "to be related to a CS representative". And now I'm being informed i should just resubmit all documents once more and hope for a special consequence. This needs to be a joke. Due to a mistake the individual checking the documents made I should proceed to stay in limbo ceaselessly?

Is the method even beatable? Can i ever complete the supply of wealth? The submission of paperwork takes 20-25 days in average. Simply to get informed that the paperwork will not be sufficient. Binance is asking extra paperwork from me than my states IRS which I all present just to say its not enough every single time. What are we even in search of here? I understand that they need to keep up with EU crypto laws however i present much more documents to Binance, than probably the most overregulated country on the planet asks from me (Germany) and it is nonetheless not sufficient.

I spent an virtually infinite ammount of hours in ready ques like this one. As soon as the timer hits 6Hours it just resets and you get an automated answer that it'll take longer. The longest i have been waiting in a cue is ~3 Days. Resetting the timer Every time.

It even says in the type you get once you submit the documents what you must upload here. And that i uploaded the one that signifies and exhibits the whole lot clearly. However abruptly it isn't proficcient.

I am all the time being informed that as an alternative of a E-mail trade i should use the chat perform. The place you're put in infinite ready loops and no one you talked to earlier than can ever be related once more. That is acutally not even authorized in my nation but whatever. I don't know what else i should present to lastly get my account to work once more. No one of the CS representatives can do something because no one might be reached and groups i'm being related with never show making this unimaginable to complete. And after i despatched every part I have, I am nonetheless failing the evaluate. I don't assume anybody there truly knows the right way to evaluation my documents, hence they ask for much more everytime.

Has anybody ever accomplished this hurdle run? I solely ever read about people who by no means obtained to see the top of it.

Please excuse my dangerous english.

Case ID #100456850

submitted by /u/bleedinglottery
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