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There are only two types of people who say crypto is a scam…

There are only two types of people who say crypto is a scam…

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People who don’t understand crypto at all, and have fear of what they don’t know; and people who understand it way too much, and are worried by their economic interests being in danger.

And then, there’s my granma. Oh my she’s so cool guys, ofc I love her! When I talked to her about cryptocurrencies and BTC, 2 years ago, she said: «I don’t understand how this works, but you seem so excited about this, and young generations are always right in this stuff».

She went to her bedroom and said:«wait, I want you to do one thing»

She returned with 100€: «I want you to go to the bank and buy some crypto». She clearly had no idea that you could do things with money outside a bank influence. Of course I took those money as cash for myself but I invested 100$ in a new wallet.

It was 2019, I bought ADA at 0.0352. I left it there and this year I sold them at 2$. 6000$ from 100€.

Why? My grandma is not feeling well, and could not be able to walk soon. But mentally she’s fine. I wanted to show that she was right in trusting me.

I was so proud of myself, and after various whitdrawals from exchanges I had almost 5200€ in my account. I wanted to give 5000€ cash to grandma, as she did to me, and take 200€ for myself as “consulence”. Lol. So in the last two and a half months I took cash 500€ weekly and last sunday I went to her. She remembered those 100€ when I talked to her, and after she saw 5000€ she couldn’t believe her eyes. I lended the money to her and she only took 500€ for her and then she gave back to me 4500€: «go to the bank and buy more “crittusoddi” (=cryptocurrency in our dialect, I think she invented a new word lol), but this time don’t come back with money». This week I invested 500€ in 9 different projects: DOT, LUNA, SOL, CRO, GALA, CKB, XRD, ALGO and ONE. I left them in my “grandma wallet”, and I hope in two years from now they will increase in value and I could still show them to her, to feel like this again.

This week I’m so happy and proud of myself, and I wanted to share this story with someone, as I only told grandma about my crypto knowledge. Sorry if I bothered you.

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