There goes my last cigarette.

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That's it. Kicking that habit. I'm spending a fortune every week, (20 a day guy) and I feel now we're seeing some green it's really hindered my investment goals. I'm nowhere near where I aimed to be through this bear. And bad habits are the biggest reason for that I believe.

In honesty I don't know if this minor pump is a bull trap, or the start of a major run. But we have the halving coming soon, historically good for price action, and hopefully biden will lose office next year and there will be someone competent in charge. (I'm not in the USA but have noticed how much monetary policy there seems to dictate the markets)

I'm unfortunately getting the fomo feeling though, accumulated through 2022, but 2023? I'm dubious on where we're going and hoping on maximizing returns. so for each pack of cigarettes I usually buy? I'm sinking into crypto instead. Along with continuing a set DCA, of course.

Now when I'm a millionaire I can smoke as much as I want, never feel guilty about spending on it and afford the best healthcare to live just as long as if I didn't. So may invest in plenty of cigars if and when that time comes. Because why not ????

I'm giving rare financial and health advice here.

Have an addiction? Knock it on the head. Invest it, STAKE it so you can't readily take those funds back and buy when you get a craving. As time goes on you'll not only feel healthier, but notice just how much more you've accumulated and decide to continue that extra amount as time goes on. You'll still be up if it drops 99% as it's not spent.

Best of luck to all, just thought I'd share this, as I'm bloody proud of doing this and hoping to inspire others ????

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