There's Nothing Wrong in Being in Crypto only for Money, Literally Everyone is doing their Job for Money. Stop saying things like"I am in it for the tech" out of Guilt!

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While it is good that you are in crypto for tech. But most of us here only for money, to be honest. I often see people saying things like"I am in it only for tech" out of guilt.

People are working in investment banking,asset management and other various sectors only for money. Then why can't we? If we are paying our fair share of taxes and doing nothing wrong, there's nothing wrong in being in crypto only for money.

There are two kinds of people in crypto right now:

  1. People who are working full-time in crypto
  2. People who are in crypto for investing.

Now, if we compare both types of crypto bros to their traditional counterparties.

1. People working full-time in Crypto

This set of people includes web3/crypto developers, full-time traders. While it's good that these people are in crypto for tech. But we should also not shame anyone, if their primary aim is only to generate money.

Except some privileged people, everyone's primary hope from their job is generate money. Are people in investment banking doing their job, anything except money?

Do the AWS/AZURE architect are doing their job for tech or for money? Then what's wrong in crypto for money!

2. Crypto investors(Part-time)

The second set of people includes crypto investors who are in it part-time. They are only betting on various coins in the hope for more-and-more returns.

Why do people invest? To get higher yield right!? Then what is wrong in doing the same thing out of crypto, as an alternative to stocks and bonds.

These kind of phrases are either used in extreme up or at extreme downside. Few months ago, when most-of-us were down like 50-70%. People were saying "I am in it for tech" to hide their mental pain.

While the exact same words are repeated by people at the extreme of bullish trend, when there portfolio is up 10-20 times. So that people around them or their followers don't assume that they got lucky or they have upped their status quo and don't feel envy.

Whilst it is good to have faith in crypto as an alternative of fiat that will bring financial freedom to billions of humans. That doesn't necessarily need to be out first aim. For some of use this philoshophy is secondary. And we should proudly have mental capacity to publicly accept it.

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