MultiversX Tracker is Live!

This might be the future of how a real decentralized BRIDGE can work, without the hacks....., what are your thoughts? (did the industry hear and listen to the issues of bridges and fix it?)

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Rosen Bridge is a revolutionary cross-chain bridge designed to facilitate seamless and secure interoperability between various blockchain ecosystems, such as for Ethereum and also Bitcoin. Its advanced security mechanisms, innovative design principles, and focus on decentralization make it a groundbreaking solution in the world of cross-chain bridges.

  1. Advanced Security Mechanisms: Rosen Bridge employs state-of-the-art security features, such as multisig (multisignature) functionality and slashing mechanisms. Multisig ensures that multiple parties must approve transactions, preventing any single malicious actor from compromising the system. Slashing penalizes validators or stakers who behave maliciously or negligently, adding another layer of security to the network.
  2. Scalable and Decentralized Design: Unlike other cross-chain bridges with complex designs that introduce numerous points of failure, Rosen Bridge focuses on a minimalistic and scalable design. This approach minimizes assumptions and sophistication while maintaining a decentralized architecture. The system relies on a distributed set of guards that settle transfers and release funds, ensuring a secure and decentralized consensus mechanism.
  3. Direct Verification: Rosen Bridge emphasizes direct verification, where validators independently verify events instead of relying on proofs made by other validators. This approach reduces the chances of false verification, proof fabrication, and other vulnerabilities found in indirect verification methods used by other bridges.
  4. Transparent and Auditable: Rosen Bridge utilizes open-source smart contracts on Ergo and threshold/multisig wallets on other chains, ensuring that the community can audit and verify the system. Decentralized watchers can independently monitor the network, contributing to overall security and transparency.
  5. Revolutionary Interoperability: Rosen Bridge enables seamless value transfer between different blockchain ecosystems, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Users can swap assets like Ether and Bitcoin in a truly decentralized and secure manner, BYPASSING the need for centralized exchanges or other intermediaries. This aligns with the core principles of cryptocurrency, promoting transparent trust assumptions, open-source frameworks, audibility, and permissionless activity.

    To sum it up Rosen Bridge looks like it'll be epic on Etherium, the way they are structuring it is fundamentally different than others. I would be very happy if after all those bridge hack the industry finally heard and listened and implemented these guardrails so we don't have anymore of that craziness.

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