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Those people who still say it's a scam

Those people who still say it's a scam

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Any old school bitcoiners here? Unlikely but if so, how do you deal with people who still say it's a scam? Even after all this time. I only bought in a year ago but during all my research, I just kept coming up with all these "concern" articles. I think they're called concern trolls. Anyway even now, there still seems to be a large group of people who think bitcoin is a "ponzie" or a "scam" or "you'll definitely lose money".

What do you old schoolers think after all this time? You people who had bitcoin way back when. Are you just piss tired of hearing this? Do you rub it in their face about how much money you've made? Or do you just ignore it completely? Encountering one irl would be about the only time you can really rub it in good.

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