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Trust me, babe, I will use the pullout method (for my crypto)

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Listen, babe, everyone knows that using protection from the start doesn't feel as good. Like, sure, I could just get everything onto my Ledger. Wrap it up, as they say. Yeah, some people do that.

But that isn't as much fun.

I'm a crypto giga-Chad. Trust me, babe, I'm good at the pullout method. Like, I read the markets all the time. I know what I'm doing. It's my account, so I know when I'm getting close to disaster. I always pullout my crypto, I don't lose control in the heat of the moment.

Have I done some edging that got me dangerously close? Oh, sure. I barely pulled out of Celsius in time. I felt that crash coming, so right before it all would have burst, I pulled out my crypto. It got my heart rate up and it made me feel alive. It was wild.

I'm good like that, babe, trust me. Trust me to use the pullout method with my crypto.

What? Other guys you've been with don't complain when they're told to use a Ledger or a Trezor? Well, I'm not like other guys. I like the rush, I need the rush, and when I'm purely in the moment like that--raw--you'll have a better time, too. Trust me.

What's that? Some of the Chads in your life didn't pullout of Voyager? One of them didn't pullout of that Squidgame bullshit? Mt. Gox?

Babe, they weren't Chads, then. When you're with me, it's a different experience.

When it's time to pull out my crypto, I'll do it. Trust me.

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