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Using fake names for team anonymity

Using fake names for team anonymity

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This crypto hit my radar for a minute, but one thing stopped me dead in my tracks. The team has a list of their individual accomplishments, but don't show their real names and don't mention anything specifically that they are actually associated with.

Their photos are in the white paper, except for Sensei, he's got a picture from Keanu Reeves from The Matrix showing instead. Really guys? Want to be taken seriously? Don't act like you're 12.

Are their any legit projects where the teams don't reveal their names (excluding bitcoin) ?

If it's a scam, it's an elaborate one. What's the benefit of doing this if it's not?

From the link above, under "Read More":

The Leadership Team

Spaceman, Co-Founder & CEO Spaceman is a serial founder, product designer, and user experience expert who has built multi-million dollar businesses across multiple industries including FinTech.

Mr. Moonshot, Co-Founder and COO Mr. Moonshot is a smart contract developer, marketer, and token growth strategist with deep experience in blockchain technology and crypto investing.

Master Jedi, CTO MasterJedi is a software architect with over 20 years experience building enterprise-grade apps for companies and governments. His open source work across dozens of projects has over 500M downloads.

Apollo, Head of Marketing Apollo is a multidisciplinary designer, creative director, and marketing expert with over a decade of experience building brands and leading hyper-productive teams.

Sensei, Solutions Architect Sensei is an award-winning developer and software architect with over 25 years of experience building applications in both the private and public sector.

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