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View the 10 Winning Entries in our 10th CEX.IO Domain Birthday Creativity Contest


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Between June 30 and July 9, 2023, we invited our esteemed community to participate in our 10th CEX.IO Domain Birthday Creativity Contest. Creating and sharing original content on social media dedicated to CEX.IO and our services would create a chance to share in a 1,000 USDT prize pool.

The wide array of responses that arrived thrilled and excited us beyond measure! It was once again proven, without a shadow of doubt, that creative wells run deep in the CEX.IO ecosystem.&

As a reminder, our judges considered several criteria:

  • Content quality and creativity (a maximum of 10 points)
  • The number of social engagements with your content (a maximum of 10 points)
  • The number of referrals who registered on CEX.IO using your affiliate link during the promo period (a maximum of 30 points)

Without further ado, here is the complete list of winners from our 10th CEX.IO Domain Birthday Creativity Contest:

  1. A creative twist on a globally popular game.

There are card games, and then there are card games. This entry was a truly creative way to showcase the ease of use of our award-winning Exchange Plus* platform via a cross-generational method: the Uno Card game!&

Exchange Plus is currently not available in the U.S. Check the list of supported jurisdictions here.

  1. Welcome to MemeTown!&

Sometimes, making the most informed decision requires not only research, but also guidance. We strive to provide both at all times, and we’re thrilled to see how creative our users can be in recognizing it(as evidenced by the meme above!).

  1. Simplicity is often the key.

Straightforward. Factual. True. It doesn’t get any more self-explanatory than this entry. Kudos!

  1. A birthday card worthy of being exhibited in an art museum.

Self-drawn art is always unique and exciting to explore. We were thrilled to see such creativity in action (and are curious if this user ever went to art school, or was self-taught!) Nice one!&

  1. Cake-making skills extraordinaire.

This one must have taken a lot of effort, and we’re betting it was finger-licking delicious! Just goes to show what can happen when our users decide to think outside the box!&

  1. Super Mario meets CEX.IO!&

Now, this one really made us chuckle and admire our users’ video-making and editing skills! We’ve truly got some uber-creative people in our community, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next!&

  1. Passing the baton to the younger generation.

One of the core values of our longstanding platform has always been inclusivity. We were beyond words to see our users including and educating their young ones on the potential and opportunities available to them in crypto via CEX.IO. Here’s to you, kiddo!&

  1. The early bird catches the (crypto) worm.

Another original meme made from scratch, but this time around, emphasizing getting an early start in crypto through — you’ve guessed it — our platform! Genuinely creative work, sir!&

  1. Putting pen to paper in a digital world? Still works!&

One of the upsides of creativity is that it doesn’t require fancy tools. A simple pen and paper often work best, as evidenced by the entry above. Like our platform, this entry kept it straightforward and to the point. The best part? Just like us, it’s unique!&

  1. Educational creativity: the best kind.

There’s much to be said about worrying, one of the quintessential and natural human instincts. While it’s also present in crypto, the takeaway from this creative meme is that one should not attempt to change things that are out of their control. Instead, make informed decisions and choose platforms that help minimize risk as much as possible — case in point, CEX.IO! Excellent work!&

As promised, here’s a comprehensive scoring rubric for the recipients of our 10th CEX.IO Domain Birthday Creativity Contest prizes*:

Link to postWinner’s usernameUser IDContent quality points (0-10)Engagement points (0-10)Referrals points (0-30)Total points

*Prizes will be distributed within 14 business days following this announcement.

We’d like to officially congratulate all our top entries, with a special thank you to everyone else who participated in what we hope was an exciting and creative adventure. On the one hand, it’s great to win prizes. On the other hand, we’re grateful for the opportunity to offer this space to connect as a global community and share talents as a group.

Let’s keep this energy alive throughout 2023 and may the markets bring you plenty of cause for celebration!&

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