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Wake up again - it's 2032...

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Climate change keeps doing its thing and the ice bucket challenge is back again. Your are having fun showing everyone your new iVision AR3 which you got a good deal on for 15,000 satoshis. AI has taken control of all world governments and is now basically guiding humanity back from the brink of erasing itself due to our flawed stupid meat sack brains.

There was an explosion in cryptocurrency adoption after both Apple and google introduced native crypto functionality into their mobile OS wallets and are happily taking their cuts of the billions of transactions happening daily. Reddit had its IPO half a decade ago, used the funding to reinvest in itself and turn into THE defacto global social media platform all the while making moons its official cryptocurrency. The value of moons have done a 1,000,000x and are now treated like a global reserve currency.

We all look fondly back at when you could earn thousands of moons every month on this very subreddit, and every karma point was basically like the equivalent of earning $1000 USD in 2023 fiat terms. I still don't regret using 1k moons in 2023 to fund a pizza party for my friends because a damn good time was had by all.

Who knows what the future holds? What are your most outlandish scenarios? Here's a (pizza) toast to the possibilities!

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