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Wasabi Wallet 2.0 coin control. How secure / private are sent coins now?

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I have a wallet which contains several small coins each with a different level of privacy (Coin Join rounds) which generated in the Wasabi 1.1

There is a workaround for using coin control in Wasabi 2.0. Press Ctrl + C + D, select coins based on amount, anon, labels and send it to an address.


I wish to send an amount which I would like to remain as high private. Now there is no coin control how can I be sure that the most mixed coins are used rather than ones that are unmixed in my wallet ?

All coins are public in bitcoin's UTXO set. Privacy could mean different things for users in each transaction. It is the ability to seclude some information. Some users may not prefer spending coinjoined UTXO when sending BTC to an exchange directly because its easy to identify if it was used in a coinjoin round coordinated by zkSNACKs. Wallet could have different types of coins: LN channel close, mining rewards, non-KYC sats, donations, salary etc.

As I shared above, you can use the workaround to select a coin for the transaction (although list doesn't have txid and vout) or trust the algorithm to select coins for you. Consolidating multiple coinjoined UTXO from a round in a transaction either manually or using coin selection algorithm could affect your privacy and others who participated in the round. Its easier to assume all the coins would belong to one entity.

Disclaimer: zkSNACKs coordinator would censor some coins based on blacklist shared by Chainalysis

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