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What do you think Are you Really early or Quite late to Crypto?

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I have seen a lot of people who complain about being late to Crypto on this sub and even among my friends and classmates. They look that at those charming headlines (eg. Shib 8k to 5 billion, If you invested $100 in bitcoin in July 2010 it would now be...blah....blah). They think they have been left behind. So what do you feel about this? When you started investing in crypto and what you think about it. Do you feel like "I'm quite late to this"?

Contrary to this, heard a lot of people saying we are really early into this Crypto, Blockchain, Web 3.0 revolution. Right now less than 10% of the global population holds and understands Cryptocurrencies. It is just the start there are plenty of great opportunities waiting for us!! Is that true? I feel so! and a lot of you too.

So what's your take on this. When did you come to know about Crypto and started investing and what do you feel? Have you been late, missed an opportunity, Or do you think you are really early.

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