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What if we already permanently topped out and will never see a new ATH? Would you still participate?

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I want to play the devils advocate on here and assume the crypto markets have already topped out and won’t ever see another ATH. What then? Would you still HODL/use crypto even if you knew it would never break that point again? If no, would it inconvenience you in any way that you weren’t actively using/participating in crypto anymore?

BTC, as per the white paper, was created as a way to digitally transact without going through a financial institution, secured with all the bells and whistles. It solves a very important problem, which is the over-reliance we have on 3rd parties, and so an inherent overextended trust we have to those parties. One things I’ve learned though is that even a solution to the hardest problems which benefits >50% of people it’s proposed for may be ignored for the sake of a better investment opportunity.

I know this sub hates it, but I have to mention AI/ML because it’s clear money is flowing into it from VCs in the similar way money was injected into crypto markets from the last 5 years.

I’ve personally seen the power AI and ML in likes of TensorFlow, which with only moderate programming skills and some trial and error I’ve been able to automate my local network (SOHO) troubleshooting that usually would take me hours of testing and messing around with. I couldn’t imagine making something like that without an open library of tools that essentially do the work for me. It’s incredible the power we have at our finger tips with it.

What if in the next decade the advancement in AI will be so great that the use cases and the real, material solutions it provides will make crypto less appealing?

Let me know your thoughts.

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