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What Motivations are Shaping the CBDC Landscape?

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The landscape of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) is dynamically evolving, guided by diverse motivations that vary based on local circumstances. A recent BIS survey, delving into the intricate fabric of CBDC development, unveils a nuanced perspective on the relative importance of different factors influencing the decisions of central banks worldwide.

In this exploration, financial stability, monetary policy implementation, financial inclusion, payments efficiency, and safety emerge as key motivators for central banks considering CBDC issuance. However, the survey reveals intriguing differences between Advanced Economies (AEs) and Emerging Market and Developing Economies (EMDEs), shedding light on jurisdiction-specific motivations that shape the CBDC landscape.

Retail CBDCs: A Tale of Motivations

In EMDEs, the drive for financial inclusion takes center stage as a predominant factor motivating CBDC development. This emphasis on extending access to the unbanked is exemplified by initiatives like the live CBDC in the Bahamas, where the Sand Dollar aims to facilitate financial inclusion across remote islands. On the other hand, AEs, while recognizing the importance of financial inclusion, show a more balanced distribution of motivations, with payments-related efficiency and safety at the forefront.

Payment-related motivations, such as domestic payments efficiency and safety, remain central to both AEs and EMDEs, reflecting a shared priority in the development of general-purpose CBDCs. Over time, EMDEs have seen financial stability and monetary policy emerge as increasingly important motivations, diverging from the trend observed in AEs.

Wholesale CBDCs: Navigating Priorities

In contrast to general-purpose CBDCs, wholesale CBDCs garner less global priority, evident in fewer ongoing projects and weaker motivation indicators. The motivations driving wholesale CBDCs closely mirror those of their retail counterparts, with payments-related efficiency taking precedence. Notably, financial inclusion holds less significance for wholesale CBDCs, given their focus on transactions between financial institutions.

Surprisingly, the only area where motivations for wholesale CBDCs surpass retail CBDCs is in cross-border payments efficiency. Ongoing central bank experiments underscore the importance of this aspect, signaling a potential avenue for enhancing cross-border payments.

Changing Motivations: A Progression in CBDC Work

As CBDC projects advance, motivations undergo a transformation. EMDEs, displaying a stronger perceived need for CBDCs, are more likely to have progressed to the pilot or implementation phase. The motivations across central banks can be categorized into three groups based on their stage of work: those in research, those working on proofs of concept, and those in advanced development stages. Regardless of the phase, payments efficiency and safety consistently take precedence, but more advanced stages bring additional considerations like financial stability into the spotlight.

Implications for the General Public, Companies, and Investors: Navigating the CBDC Era

  • For the general public: The emphasis on financial inclusion in the development of CBDCs, particularly in EMDEs, holds promising implications for the general public. As CBDCs become more prevalent, underserved populations may gain easier access to the financial system, fostering economic participation.

The shift toward digital currencies also prompts considerations for individuals in terms of privacy, security, and ease of financial transactions. Education on the functionalities and safeguards of CBDCs will be crucial to ensure a smooth transition for the general public.

  • For companies: Companies operating in jurisdictions prioritizing financial inclusion through CBDCs should anticipate shifts in consumer behavior and payment preferences. The seamless and inclusive nature of CBDCs may influence purchasing patterns, necessitating adaptability in payment processing systems. Additionally, businesses engaging in cross-border transactions should monitor developments in wholesale CBDCs, as enhanced cross-border payments efficiency could impact international trade dynamics.
  • For investors: Investors keen on navigating the evolving financial landscape should closely monitor the motivations driving CBDC development. The increased focus on payments efficiency, safety, and financial stability presents opportunities for investments in fintech, blockchain, and digital infrastructure. As CBDCs progress from research to implementation, strategic investments in companies at the forefront of digital currency innovation could yield substantial returns.


In essence, the motivations shaping the CBDC landscape transcend central banks, permeating into the realms of daily life, corporate strategies, and investment portfolios. As we stand on the precipice of a new era in finance, understanding and navigating these implications will be paramount for individuals, businesses, and investors alike. Stay informed as the CBDC narrative unfolds, bringing forth transformative changes to the global financial landscape.

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