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Will bitcoin price ever stabilise?

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Like any commodity, its value is driven by demand. The more people adopt bitcoin, the more demand it will generate. And even when virtually the entire world adopts it, the demand will only be ever growing because of capped supply.

The govts artificially control the fluctuations of fiat, thus the cash you get today would normally buy you the same things a week later. As much as fiat is evil, such control serves a great purpose in keeping short financial transactions more stable.

With bitcoin, the market sets the rules. Let’s say you borrow 10 btc to make a product. While selling your product, bitcoin jumps up in value and to produce the same product your competitors would only need to borrow 9 btc, thus pricing you out.

This is not to say this doesn’t happen with fiat, but perhaps somewhat limited to industries that deal with volatile value commodities. Adoption of bitcoin as a trading medium would introduce its volatility in every aspect of life.

So it seems like switching all trading to btc is not feasible.

Am I missing something?

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