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Will you scan your eyes for some free WorldCoin? How much would it take?

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The controversial "WorldCoin" just raised $115m in funding. WorldCoin is spearheaded by Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI. Sam Altman just recently testified before the senate judiciary committee about AI, and also attended the very secretive Bilderberg Meeting (the conspiracy fueled get-together where all the global leaders get together and talk about world domination).

Back to WorldCoin, they are basically trying to create a verified identity network. Meaning, if you have WorldCoin, your identity is verified. They literally will scan your eyes (through an orb device) and give you free coins.

Of course, WorldCoin states that once the systems are perfected, they will delete your data and it won't be attached to the blockchain. However, we all have seen this song and dance before. This is a slippery slope because if your credit card gets leaked, you can replace it. If your face gets leaked, are you getting plastic surgery?

As of last week over 1.7 million people signed up for this. So my question to you guys is:

  1. ) Would you partake in receiving free WorldCoin (which is valued right now at over $1bn) for a scan of your face/identity?

2.) If not, what is your price?

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