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As i understand it a bitcoin economy would be a circular economy. We all get paid in bitcoin, these bitcoin appreciate in value over time because its scarce, more people will be born to share the bitcoin with and some will be lost forever reducing the circulating supply forever. In this deflationary environment goods will get cheaper and cheaper as the value of BTC increases. Kinda the opposite of right now. We will get paid less and less over time. This will shift the power dynamic to the consumer, as the incentive will be to save not to spend. The producers will no longer be able to sell cheaply made garbage, because why would the seller buy inferior products now when the money will appreciate over time? The producers need to produce high quality goods to get those prescious Bitcoin from the sellers. For the first time in the digital age the incentive will be to save as the BTC we own will always appreciate. And the economy will still operate just fine because there are products we all need to survive like food and shelter.

I tried to explain this concept to a friend but he wanted me to quote sources. I dont have a single source for this. I understand this through years of research, reading and listening to people who understood BTC better than me.

Are there any objective institutions that have models how bitcoin will impact the world? I dont trust the mainstream media and the banking cartel and I know they have no incentive to explain these concepts to the public, but i am curious if there is something out there in the legacy world that might have an objective view on how Bitcoin will impact the socio-economic situation.

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