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A story about inflation

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Allow me to share with you a captivating tale from the annals of history.

In a bygone era, a formidable vessel, manned by conquerors with ambitious dreams, made landfall upon the enchanting, yet unfamiliar, shores of a far-off land. Here, they encountered a native population that, while numerous, remained technologically disadvantaged compared to the advanced conquerors. The natives lacked sophisticated weaponry, their rudimentary boats barely ventured beyond the shoreline, and their primary medium of exchange were simple seashells.

However, this land concealed a bounty of natural resources coveted by the eager conquerors. Rather than resorting to their customary approach of ruthless killing and enslaving, the conquerors opted for a novel strategy. They embarked on an expedition, their ship becoming a sentinel of the seas, as they scoured all nearby coasts to amass a treasure trove of seashells.

Upon their triumphant return, the conquerors unveiled before the astonished eyes of the natives a veritable mountain of wealth, composed entirely of the humble seashells. To the natives, this sight was beyond their wildest imaginings, for they had never laid eyes on such opulence amassed in a single place. The natives didn't have a good understanding of money; they had never stopped to ponder the question, "What is money?"

It proved remarkably straightforward for the conquerors to negotiate the exchange of this newfound wealth for the ancestral lands of the natives. In accordance with the agreements reached, the indigenous people retreated into the sheltering embrace of the inland forests, where they faced dire adversity. Many succumbed to the harshness of their new existence, succumbing to hunger or falling prey to the ferocious denizens of the untamed wilderness.

This parable serves as a poignant reminder of a timeless moral truth: the fragility of wealth tied to easily manipulated currency. In this narrative, the conquerors exploited a system where inflation lurked like a hidden backdoor, ultimately leading to the downfall of the native population. It underscores the paramount importance of embracing "hard money" β€” a currency resistant to manipulation and inflation β€” as a safeguard against unforeseen perils and consequences. Money should have no masters and no conquerors.

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