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Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 51 minutes ago

How do you use Tether on Binance?

How do you trade your crypto(s) for USDT on Binance to avoid a crash? Not knowing about this and how to do it cost me a TON of money these past few days.. thank you guys for any help, it's very appreciated ???? submitted by /u/Tlewi...

Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 2 hours ago

Binance listing times

Is there a standard time Binance usually lists new coins? I thought I saw 11:00pm - 2:00 AM UCT on a thread before but can not find it. submitted by /u/Illinilacrosse24 [link] [comments]

Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 2 hours ago

Reactivating Binance Account

I disabled my Binance account after being hacked over a week ago. I submitted a support ticket to reactivate my account 5 days ago and haven't heard a thing. My account is still locked. Has anyone else experienced this? How long did it take to re...

Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 3 hours ago

Message from Binance

Trying to get my XRP from them but i’m having a really hard time since i’m new to this email: “Hi , please provide us the correct tag number from your XRP deposit address , then we will proceed , thanks for your support !” what do i do to give them w...