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Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 1 hour ago

Why I sold all my fiat

There is one simple issue with fiat, and all other government fiat for that matter. Bail Ins I can post my Bitcoin number here and there are still protections that will prevent me from losing everything. I understand that there are precautions I can...

Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 4 hours ago

Is the BNB token a security?

I can't find this anywhere, so if someone has a link I'd appreciate it. I don't recall Binance having an ICO with the BNB token, they simply made it available through purchase (trade) on their site one day. They aren't running on a b...

Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 6 hours ago

Locked out of my account

I got locked out of my account. My phone broke and i cant find my google authenitcator backup. Ive been trying to get binance to revert to using my phone number to , two step authentication but i have had no success. Can someone help me ? My NEW tick...