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Crypto Folks are the most positive people I know

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I just wanted to share that the long nightmare of the Celsius fiasco is officially over. I want to personally thank everyone on this sub for the help and support over the last 19 months. I know we still have NewCo Stock coming, but i'm not holding my breath for it. I don't think it will see the light of day. But hey! who knows? perhaps the crypto gods will bless me with some stock someday.

Now that Celsius is over i'm retiring from Crypto Currency. It's become too much of a burden on my family, my mental health, and my families mental health. "The juice isn't worth the squeeze" as Kelly from the movie The Girl Next Door would say. I don't need the comments of "you'll regret it" "you could be a millionaire someday" "crypto is de-centralized" "HODL". Thanks, but I know it. I believe you, your right, but I don't care anymore. The magic is gone. The trill is gone. The joy is all gone. *drops crypto wallet in the trash* *looks at it one last time* "goodbye old friend, may you burn in hell"

Like the title says: Crypto Folks are the most positive people I know. It has been a pleasure traversing the fee filled world of Crypto with each of you. Your suggestions have been sound, your opinions have been spot on (except for the asshat that told me to put coin in Vauld, you sir can kiss my ass). Your knowledge has been incredible.

And for those of you that I pissed off along the way, I humbly apologize. You keep on rocking. bank that coin. and please, always, always, always, keep on hodl'ing

P.S. in 6-10 years when each of you are sitting on a couple mill please drive past my house in your Lambo's and flip me off. I will accept it in just, and wave back. Peace, I love you guys.

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