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Dear SEC Chairman Gensler,

Dear SEC Chairman Gensler,

All Cryptocurrencies

by COINS NEWS 14 Views

We in the crypto community do not want nor require your regulatory “protection”. Your statement on CNBC this morning that the crypto space cannot survive without a robust “consumer protection regime” is belied by the reality that it has become a $2T asset class precisely because government vultures like you haven’t come to “protect” us.

We know your game. We aren’t fleeced by your MIT credentials. We are well aware it is interest of the politicians to keep the fiat scheme going. Why aren’t you instead protecting us from inflation? Why aren’t you and your merry band of regulators asking yourself why are so many people seeking out a new financial paradigm, one decentralized from government authority and it’s disastrous monetary policies? Why aren’t you asking do banks and centralized finance really serve the customer or instead the bankers and the politicians they buy?

The best thing you and the SEC could do to “protect” the crypto community is to fuck off and let us sort ourselves out. Human beings are more than capable of doing so without the help of corrupt and dysfunctional government regulators.

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