ETH shot itself in the foot and will never recover with PoS

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long time crypto supporter, ran multiple nomp pools a few years ago for up and coming coins, what ETH has done with PoS is fully against the ideology of most crypto supporters including my own.

Crypto should be easily accessible to all, ETH has now limited its own customer base by only allowing large financial institutions and whales to invest and become validators.

ETHs largest contributing factor to its past growth was accesability via miners (some commercial some gamers just using their gpu when not in use) this gave a massive amount of people the ability to access the network and use it for their own benifit at the same time securing the network, this golden era also seeded interest from people looking to join, experience mining and learn the network for themselves.

now who will join? big banks looking to "invest"? what is the incentive for the everyday user? ETH has lost a massive amount of its user base and now is surviving on brand, RIP ETH you are singing a good swan song!

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