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Former FCA Chief Alleges Political Pressure To Welcome Crypto Firms


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Charles Randell, the former chair of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has stunned the financial world by revealing that the FCA experienced significant political pressure to embrace cryptocurrency firms. 

During a recent conference hosted by the Prudential Regulation Authority, Randell disclosed this information, shedding light on a controversial aspect of the UK’s crypto landscape.

Randell’s revelation adds a new layer of complexity to the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom. He acknowledged that during his tenure as FCA chair, there was a noticeable push to welcome crypto firms into the British market, some of which are now under investigation by the US Department of Justice. 

Pressure To Welcome Crypto Firms Under Scrutiny

While Randell refrained from naming specific firms, the FCA notably denied entry to cryptocurrency exchanges such as FTX and Binance.

Randell stated at the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority conference:

“In the context of crypto, in my experience as FCA chair, there was a lot of political pressure to welcome firms, some of which are now under criminal investigation by the US Department of Justice.”

“And all the evidence that we had at the FCA was that it wasn’t a very good idea,” he said.

Randell’s remarks highlight the ongoing challenges faced by regulatory bodies in maintaining their independence and preventing undue influence from industry and political interests. Striking a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring consumer protection remains a complex endeavor in the rapidly evolving crypto sector.

Upcoming Crypto Regulations In The UK

This revelation comes at a time when the UK crypto industry is gearing up for a wave of new regulations. Earlier this summer, the FCA issued a directive to crypto companies advertising within the UK. 

These firms have until October 8 to align with the FCA’s existing financial promotion regime, requiring them to apply for approval and pay a fee. It’s worth noting that the FCA’s jurisdiction extends beyond domestic firms, encompassing any company whose marketing influences British customers in any capacity.

In a statement made in April, Andrew Griffith, the economic secretary to the UK Treasury, announced that crypto regulations would be finalized within the next 12 months. This move signals the government’s commitment to fostering a safe and compliant crypto environment while addressing concerns related to political pressure on regulators.

As the crypto landscape continues to evolve globally, the balance between innovation, regulation, and political influence remains a hot topic. The forthcoming UK crypto regulations will undoubtedly shape the future of the market and determine its path toward legitimacy and stability.

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