I GOT HAD - perspective from a business owner on why we need the Bitcoin standard.

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I'm a retail business owner who just lost a credit card transaction dispute when all facts and information was in my favor. There is no other way for me to say this besides I just got had by a credit card company and my business lost $1,000.

A customer came to my store and purchased an item and signed a legally binding contract agreeing to an all sales final policy plus agreeing they received the item listed on the receipt in good condition and take liability for it.

The customer contacted me complaining about their item, and after it was determined nothing is wrong and they just want their money back because they bought something they don't like, I refused to make a warranty claim for the customer or take anything back. My receipt, which they signed, has all of these policies clearly stated and every customer signs. They knew they couldn't get a refund, and they knew the warranty was from the manufacturer. Once we determined we couldn't make a warranty claim the customer decided to dispute the transaction, even though it was months ago at this point. So here we go fighting an illegitimate charge back.

I provided the arbiter with facts proving we had her signature on a legally binding contract, she received the item she purchased in good condition, and I also proved the customer did not have a broken or defective item. I had her dead to rights, and a friend of mine who works in the dispute field reviewed everything and helped me submit my rebuttal. He even said he'd slap his mom if we lost. That's how confident he was.

Today, I got an email informing us we lost. Now the customer has an item I'm perect condition and im at a total fuckin loss. I don't get the merchandise or the money. I lost the money from the sale PLUS the initial cost of the merchandise.

So what the fuck does that have to do with bitcoin? Fuck visa, discover, and Mastercard. That's what. If we have a bitcoin standard merchants won't be getting taken advantage of by pieces of shit consumers who feel entitled to be a piece of shit and credit card companies won't have the power to reach in your fucking bank account and take money from you. We NEEED the bitcoin standard to prevent bullshit like this.

So as a business man, you can bet your ass I'm contacting strike and I'm getting set up to take payments over the bitcoin network. Fuck credit csrds!

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