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Is there a Binance helpdesk on Reddit?

Is there a Binance helpdesk on Reddit?


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Hello. I'd just like to confirm that this is something that exists. After posting about having an issue with my account access, I got a message request from u/OfficiaImoderator20, which is an account that was made yesterday, and u/Official-HelpDesk1, claiming to work for Binance and help with my account access, asking me to download an unsecure application from my play store for further communication. After asking for any kind of verification or some kind of proof of affiliation with Binance, even just an email, I was told "This is Binance Reddit HelpDesk center" and "All issues are being resolved by the HelpDesk support committee" - is this.. actually a thing? General lack of professionalism, fishy (see: phish-y) behavior, and calling me a neophyte (lol) has led me to follow up here for some amount of outside input, but I imagine there probably is no actual official representation on a subreddit to confirm one way or another. Either way, thanks.

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